Hi guys,

My friends from Eureka Miniature Painting made an unboxing form my Oni Bust. You can see the different pieces, the quality of the copies and the size in the video. I hope you like it.

Eureka miniature painting is a great blog, full of tutorials and articles. They have also a very active youtube channel with more than 1,000 subscribers. If you like to paint miniatures, you should follow them.

Thanks Eureka miniatures for the video! You are awesome!

PD: If you want a copy of the bust, you can order one here.


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Hi there,

As many people knows from my facebook page, I’ve finished the Oni bust I was making and made some copies.

An Oni is a Japanese demon, they are part of Japanese mithology, you can check their wikipedia page to learn more about them. I always wanted to make Japanese related fantasy and this is the first figure I do on that topic.

I spent a long time with this one. I started in 2013, looking for some inspiration and making some drawings. I made a base structure in Magic Sculpt because I wanted a solid base to work on and I started adding FIMO on it. I made the first shape of the body and I started the face. The face went wrong and had to make it again, but I waited many time for that, maybe a year, because I was blocked.

When I finished the face, I felt like full of energy again and went on with the rest of the parts. I baked the figure and added the clothes, I’m not used to sculpt clothes and it was very hard for me but I think I did a good job. Baked it again and added the hair, which was really challenging for me, I wanted a solid base to work on but I needed some time to add all the details so I made a base structure in magic sculpt and added FIMO on it (it was a great idea, it worked perfectly).

I had to add greenstuff in some places to finish the detailing and some Tamiya Putty to fill some gaps.

Here you have some pics of one resin copy assembled without cleaning the gaps with putty [click the images to enlarge]:

This is the original sculpt, you can see it’s like 45mm tall to the top of the head:


This is an unassembled copy:

Unassembled resin copy

I hope you like this one, it have been a very interesting miniature for me. I really enjoyed with this one.

Best regards!

PD: If you want a copy of this, please, contact me or click the Add to Cart button below.

A small surprise

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Wow! It’s been a long time since the last post here…

It doesn’t matter, now it’s time to share a small surprise with you. My friend Pablo AKA Papah, one of the best sculptors I know, gave me a very emotive present yesterday.

He told me:

As I’m not going to finish this miniature never, I think you could spend some time on it and finish it for me.

And gave me the following miniature:

Papah’s Demon. Started some years ago.

He started this Demon before I knew him, around 4 or 5 years ago. And, after some tries, he decided to remove the head and the neck, and never finished it. Now is at my home and I have the responsibility of finishing it.

For me it’s a honor because I know him and I know he likes to start from the very first step of the design and finish on the last touch on the figure with a meticulous control of all the of process, paying all the attention to all the small details. That’s why he achieves incredible results on detailing (as you can see for example in his 32mm barbarian) and his figures have very realistic anatomy and proportions.

Just want to share his work with you and thank him the present because I’m very excited. I hope to give him a nice head and a good detailing.

From here, thank you Pablo, for the miniature and for all the things I learnt from you.

A hug.


Joker resin copies!

Posted: 5 September 2014 in Finished works

Hi guys!

I sent the Joker bust I made to the resin caster and received the copies back.

Copies are made (as always) by Martin’s Miniatures, a very good resin caster and a personal friend.  He improved his technique a lot since he started to make copies for me, a couple of years ago. These copies are very good, I’m really happy, he did a great job!

Take a look to one of them:

If you need copies for your miniatures, in metal or resin you can contact Mr Martin:

You can get one copy here if you want (hurry up there are less than 20 copies!):

Just that, thanks for reading.

Hi all

This is a joker I did some time ago taking the work by David Gau as inspiration during the first steps and going wild later…

Sculpted in fimo.

40mm tall.Joker final


One love.


I made some resin copies of this one, if you want yours click the button below!

English subtitles!

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Hi there!

I added English subtitles to the videos of the latex mould tutorial.

Take a look and try to enjoy the videos!



Hi guys!

I spent these days playing with new materials, and I took some pics of one of my trying sessions. I think it’s a good idea to put all together and show you what happened these days with the new materials I got. This is an explanation about what I did, not a real tutorial because I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of better ways to do this.

I used natural liquid latex and dental plaster for this. I think these materials are not specially interesting for small scales but I think they are really good for basing and for large scale stuff, vehicles or whatever. Try them and tell me what you think!

I wanted to make a dental plaster copy of a piece of wall I made some time ago just to make it easy to carve and sand.

I started preparing a place to make the mould using a plastic piece and some tape to fill the gaps between the plastic and the piece:

 photo IMGP3269_zpsc0ad6bab.jpg

The next pic shows the backside of the plastic, as you can see the tape fills the holes of the sides:
 photo IMGP3273_zps4fd2a2ec.jpg photo IMGP3275_zps53905d67.jpg

The idea is just to cover the space between the piece and the plastic. See the effect?
 photo IMGP3272_zps2a573b71.jpg photo IMGP3276_zps57b3b23c.jpg photo IMGP3279_zps087e62bd.jpg

Now it’s the time to add the latex all over the preform of the mould. The latex must be added in thin layers to let it dry correctly.

First we add a thin layer of latex and we let it dry, we go on with new layers until the surface is flat. In this case 4 layers were enough. The videos are in spanish because it’s my mother language but I promise to make some videos in english. Don’t worry, you can follow the videos with the english subtitles!

Just that, I hope you enjoy it.

C&C are welcome!

  • I recommend this tutorial by Scratch Attack (It’s in Spanish).



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Hi guys!

Yesterday I discovered a really interesting page to upload 3D designs.
You can upload on any file format, and the page allows the watchers to spin the model and move it correctly to see it perfectly.

As user, there’s no limit of models or size and you can edit the rendering preferences of the models on the page…

Just that, I hope you like the page, I added the Jabba sketch as a try, it works fine.

If you want to check it, here is the link to the model and to the page:



I’m here again!

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Hey guys!

I’m coming again after some time finishing university stuff. I’ve got some ideas on my mind and few works I started during the year which I want to finish as soon as possible.

I sculpted a little bit today and old works are nearer to the end, I’m happy with that.

Yesterday I bought some natural liquid latex and I want to make some tries with that, I’ll keep you informed with the result and I’ll maybe make a tutorial here.

On the other hand, I’ve been speaking with some dudes to make a couple of 32mm miniatures for their range and I would like to share here with you the process but maybe I have to wait until the miniatures are finished. I’ll ask them about that.

And I think that’s all about this time… There are many ideas for miniatures but step by step… 😉

A big hug, my friends. Thanks for the waiting.




Jabba, blender sculpt

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I sculpted a Jabba bust in blender, I think I’m learning about the program step by step but it’s very complicated and it has a lot of tools.

A short video of the model:

And some pics from Meshlab (click to enlarge):

I hope you like it,  C&C are welcome.

Best regards.