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As I’m studying for “my last exam” at university, I’m detailing a little bit on my Exam-time-Barbarian.

Check it out!


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Just finished the tutorial of the sketching tool and I’m happy because I’m looking fordward to start using it in large scales and cool projects!

Do you want one?

Follow the tutorial!!
🙂 🙂

Sketching tool

Posted: 4 May 2014 in Tutorials


This is a tool I made for sculpting large scale figures and as a fast sketching tool.
It’s very interesting when working with FIMO for the first steps on the anatomy, it allows you to blend the first volumes roughly.


Take some chopsticks:
You can see one of the sides is round and the other is more rectangular shaped.

Cut them to the size you prefer:
 photo 3_zpsa5fdee32.jpg
 photo 4_zpsb04ced3c.jpg

With a cutter, make the rectangular side more round:

Sharpen the rectangular side with a pencil sharpener:

Smooth the surface roughly with the cutter:

Start the shape in the other side:

Smooth both sides with sandpaper:


Now, protect the tool with superglue:

Put superglue in a paper:

Put the sides of the tool in te superglue and cover all the wood with it:


Sometimes it happens this if you put too much superglue in the surface:

In that case, just sand it again:

Now, put a little bit more of superglue on it. To make it more smooth, put superglue in the tool but clean it in a plastic surface. That way you’ll put a fine layer of superglue on the tool

See the brightness?

You can sand it a little bit to achieve a very smooth surface:

Later, you can put tape as handgrip:

And this is the result!

I hope you like it!


Dwarf is available!

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I sent some resin and metal dwarfs to Wargames Bilbao, if you want some, you can go to the shop and ask there.

Or you could take it here in the blog using the For sale category in the Finished works button on the upper menu and the View Cart button.

If you want to see the quality of the copies check the images below or go to the shop and ask there to see them directly!

You could also go there to enjoy the wonderful paintjob of the piece by my friend Marco Bariselli.

Resin copy

Metal copy

Thanks a lot!