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Hi all

This is a joker I did some time ago taking the work by David Gau as inspiration during the first steps and going wild later…

Sculpted in fimo.

40mm tall.Joker final


One love.


I made some resin copies of this one, if you want yours click the button below!


Halfling 20mm

Posted: 13 March 2013 in Finished works
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Hi friends!

Here you have my last figure, a halfling for my Horror Ball line, 20mm tall.

I hope you enjoy it!

Stone Golem 32mm

Posted: 13 March 2013 in Finished works
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This is a fast sculpt, around 4 hours of work without references.
Based on a little miniature made by my friend Alejandro, this is a tougher version.

I hope you enjoy it, it’s 32mm tall.


El poseido

Posted: 28 November 2012 in Finished works
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Hi friends,

Here you have one of my last releases,  June of 2012.

More or less 40mm to the top of the head.

You can ask me for copies if you want.

Thank you!

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Hi friends!

Here you have a work I finished a year ago… too much time…

A little treeman (50mm to the top of the head) for blood bowl. I’m very happy with the result of this figure, but I hope I improved my technique and I want to show you new and better figures next days.

I have some metal copies of this figure. If you are interested on a copy you can contact me.

That’s all folks. ; )

The photos:

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