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Posted: 18 July 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hi guys!

Yesterday I discovered a really interesting page to upload 3D designs.
You can upload on any file format, and the page allows the watchers to spin the model and move it correctly to see it perfectly.

As user, there’s no limit of models or size and you can edit the rendering preferences of the models on the page…

Just that, I hope you like the page, I added the Jabba sketch as a try, it works fine.

If you want to check it, here is the link to the model and to the page:



Jabba, blender sculpt

Posted: 9 June 2014 in Uncategorized
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I sculpted a Jabba bust in blender, I think I’m learning about the program step by step but it’s very complicated and it has a lot of tools.

A short video of the model:

And some pics from Meshlab (click to enlarge):

I hope you like it,  C&C are welcome.

Best regards.